Our Mission

GA TSA at Nationals

The mission of Georgia TSA is to prepare its membership to be successful leaders and responsible citizens in a technological society through co-curricular activities within the technology education program; which include communication, leadership, and competitive skill development in the classroom/laboratory environment.

Our Motto

"Learning to Lead in a Technical World"

Our Creed

I believe that Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technical world. I believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation, and processes of industry. Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry, and my own initiative, I will strive to do my best in making my school, community, state, and nation better places in which to live. I will accept the responsibilities that are mine. I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence. I will explore on my own for safer, more effective methods of working and living. I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals. Through the work of my hands and mind I will express my ideas to the best of my ability. I will make it my goal to do better each day the task before me, and to be steadfast in my belief in my God, and my fellow Americans.

The History of Georgia Technology Student Association

GA TSA History

For over 50 years, GA TSA has been dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in engineering & technology education pathway programs. TSA Chapters prepare students to be successful inventors, designers, creative problem solvers, responsible citizens and leaders in a technological society.

The Beginning

The student organization began in 1962 as the Georgia Association of Industrial Arts Clubs (GAIAC), beginning with ten clubs, statewide:

  • Briarcliff High, Atlanta
  • Coffee County High, Douglas
  • Commerce High, Commerce
  • Cross Keys High, Atlanta
  • Dalton High, Dalton
  • Glennville High, Glennville
  • Jeff Davis High, Hazelhurst
  • Savannah High, Savannah
  • Warner Robins High, Warner Robins
  • Winder-Barrow High, Winder

An advisory committee was formed, consisting of Berkley Ruiz, Winder-Barrow HS, Chairman; Robert Odom - Jefferson High School, Ed McLesky – Briarcliff High School; Donald Parr (Univ. of Georgia); and Raymond S. Ginn Jr.- State Club Advisor and State Industrial Arts Supervisor. Reflecting the curriculum and disciplines of the unit based Industrial Arts classes of the time, (concentrations focused in wood shop, metal shop, drafting, handicrafts and graphic arts), the association was born. It gave students an opportunity to participate in activities beyond school hours and compete against students from other schools in 4 events: Essay Contest, Industrial Arts Club Exhibits Contest, Scrapbook Contest, and the GAIAC Sweetheart Contest. The first state conference was held at the FFA/FHA camp in Covington, GA. In those days, the Industrial Arts class was segregated for boys only. Those days had girls taking Home Economics, so the only female participation was via honorary position called a “Club Sweetheart”. The Newton County FHA club brought girls to the camp for the dance. There was even a state competition for the overall State Club Sweetheart. The GAIAC Motto was: “Pride in Progress”. The Creed read: “I believe in the dignity of work and that through an understanding and promotion of the industrial arts, I can develop leadership, scholarship and craftsmanship and so be of greater service to my country and to mankind.” The GAIAC Motto was: “Pride in Progress”. The Creed read: “I believe in the dignity of work and that through an understanding and promotion of the industrial arts, I can develop leadership, scholarship and craftsmanship and so be of greater service to my country and to mankind.” In 1965 GAIAC merged with the Georgia Youth Industrial Education Association. The name for the combined organization remained the GAIAC. On the national level, in 1965, at the 27th AIAA (American Industrial Arts Association) Conference in Tulsa, the American Industrial Arts Student Association was officially organized. The national student association conferences were held simultaneously at the ann ual teacher’s national conference. By 1968 events were added such as Prepared Speech, Drafting, Scrapbook, Industrial Technical Reports, College Bowl and Industrial Exhibit.


In the late 1970s the curriculum expanded and embraced more changes. Industrial Arts evolved from a material focused to a “cluster concept” based curriculum. (Communication, production, power, energy and transportation) During the national student association, meeting at the 1978 AIAA Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, the nonprofit corporation, AIASA, Inc., was formed to oversee AIASA as a separate organization. Georgia was one of the original sixteen chartered state associations. The name was changed to the Georgia Association of the American Industrial Arts Student Association. The leadership of the association was passed to Sam Powell and State Advisor, Harold Quinn.


The decade of the 80s saw even more change. The curriculum content continued to evolve toward Technology Systems Education. Students on both levels competed in 10 identical official events that reflected the skills being taught during those days. With the growth of the organization, the state conference was moved to Macon and held at the Hilton Hotel. New events were added, LSRAV- “Land Speed Record Assault Vehicle” (later Metric500 and now called Dragsters), Dream House, Outstanding Service, Safety Poster and Outstanding Chapter. GA AIASA continued phenomenal growth during this time. Female student participation grew fast, leading to the election of the first female president in 1982, Ms. Mel Coker. She became just the first in a long line of female leadership for years to come. Also in 1982, the student association added a seventh state officer to join the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Sergeant at Arms. To guarantee Jr. High representation on the executive committee, the office of Second Vice President was created. The association’s conference participation outgrew the space in Macon and moved its April state conference to Atlanta and the Radison/Castlegate Hotel in 1984. In addition to the Annual State Conference, the association provided two “Leadership Conferences”, one in north Georgia and one in the south. North Georgia chapters attended the conference at Berry College and Georgia Southern University hosted the South Georgia version. Also there was a separate “Planning Conference” held in Atlanta, specifically for planning the thirteen competitive events of the Annual Spring Conference. On the national level, GA AIASA emerged as one of the top associations. Georgia was undefeated in Outstanding State competition on both Jr. and Sr. High Levels, a title awarded to the state that earned the most points from their chapter’s awards during the national conference. Computer Aided Drafting was introduced as a pilot event in 1987 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With the retirement of Harold Quinn, the position of State Advisor was filled by former Berry College professor, Ronald Barker in 1986. Fueled by the leadership of Powell and Barker and grant money from the new Georgia Lottery, Georgia curriculum and classrooms began a revolutionary transformation to Technology Education statewide. Georgia led the nation in this conversion process. A new, student centered, classroom design emerged. Beginning in 1988 at the middle school level, two schools, Dalton Middle and North Clayton Middle School became the first to provide modular curriculum to students. Nationally, the conversion to Technology Education from Industrial Arts prompted National AIASA to consider a name change to reflect the new direction. At the 1988 National Conference, held in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, student delegates voted to change name of to the Technology Student Association (TSA). In 1989 the official TSA logo was designed by TSA chapter advisor Steve Price of Georgia. The membership adopted the logo through a national vote, for use on the national, state and local levels. The evolution also involved merging the Fall Planning Conference with the two Leadership Conferences and holding them on Jekyll Island in November of 1989.


The decade of the 1990s saw even more change. Long-time State Director of Technology Education, Sam Powell retired and Ron Barker was promoted to fill the position. The assistant director position was not filled due to a budget freeze. Barker continued to assume the job of State Advisor. In 1991 the overall “Outstanding Chapter” and “State” were eliminated as awards on the national level. The state chose to continue to recognize an award for the top winning chapters on both levels. In 1991, advisor Steve Price was appointed to the National TSA Competitive Regulations Committee, where he still serves. The state conference was moved from Atlanta to Perry, Georgia and the GA National Fair grounds in 1995. Competitive events continued to evolve to reflect the new technologies being introduced in the co-curricular classroom curriculum. In addition, the middle school events were designed specifically for the middle school student and likewise for the high school. More computer related events were added in this decade, along with events involving video, radio control, flight, computer troubleshooting, problem solving and others. In 1996, the official competitive events were separated into two distinct levels and each had event guides designed for each. By the end of the 1990s, TSA provided a combination of over 60 events to its middle school and high school members. State leadership went through a few years of minor changes. Ms. Nancy Beggs was placed in charge of GA TSA for two years in the late 90s followed by Mr. Ron Barker being reinstated as the State Advisor. A new position was created by the state department, the State Association Director. The first was Mrs. Gayle Silvey.

Early 2000's

GA TSA entered the 21st Century a vastly different student organization than it began in 1962. During the first decade of the 2000s two more state sponsored events were added and GA TSA hosted The National TSA Conference in Atlanta in 2000 for the first time since the 1978 charter year. In 2000, “Tech Day” was added as a competitive showcase for TSA at the GA National Fair. Students competed in 10 events that served to promote TSA at the highly attended annual event. Students could win cash prizes and ribbons for a 1st through 10th place award. In 2003 State President, George Ray and State Secretary, Jonathan Saethang proposed and designed a new training conference for local chapter officers to be held at the FFA/FCCLA Camp in Covington, GA. It was named “CORE”, for Chapter Officer Retreat for Excellence, scheduled for September 2004, it became the first of the annual conferences held each year. The next milestone for GA TSA was the election to the National TSA Board of Directors of, (then) Riverdale HS Advisor, Steve Price, who became the first classroom teacher to be elected as president and CEO of National TSA, Inc. in 2006. In 2007, former GA TSA State President, Terri Hancock assumed the role of State Director. In 2008 the state conference was moved from Perry to the Classic Center in Athens, GA, where it is held today. CORE became so well attended that it had to be relocated in 2009 to its present location at Tumbling Waters Resort in the mountains of Clayton, GA. Likewise, the Fall Leadership Conference left Jekyll Island the same year and moved to St. Simons Island. Revolutionary new events, recognized by National TSA and related to current classroom curriculum appeared, international events such as F1 in Schools and now the VEX Robotics Championships and continue to fuel the evolution of GA TSA.

50th Anniversary 2012

GA TSA History

In 2012 Georgia TSA celebrated its 50th anniversary. The theme, EVO REVO ‘12, “Evolution of a Revolution”, was fitting for an organization that is dedicated to “Learning to Live in a Technical World”. It has embraced innovation and evolution over the last half a century. The state conference, held in Athens, GA at the Classic Center, was the culminating event of the year. There, the highlight was during the opening ceremony where the original Chairman of the Advisory Council, Mr. Berkley Ruiz and the original State Advisor, Mr. Ray Ginn shared their memories of the very beginning of the association in 1962. Other former advisors and students from the beginning also spoke, including Mr. Dwayne Hobbs, who was a former GAIAC State President. He now serves at the State Department of Education in a CTAE leadership role. A special moment came on stage, when the very first State President, Mr. Nelson Elliott formerly of Winder-Barrow High School, shook hands with the 50th State President, Mr. Andrew White of Arabia Mountain High School.


GA TSA has maintained one of the largest state membership in the United States for the past several years. During the 2011-12 school year GA TSA celebrated its 50th Anniversary under the guidance of State Advisor, Ron Barker, Interim State Director, Sylvia Phillips and then State Director, Ashley Hopkins. In 2012 there was a major "changing of the guard". Ron Barker retired and Mark Crenshaw, a long-time Engineering classroom teacher and TSA Advisor, was hired as the State Department of Education Engineering & Technology Education Program Specialist. In addition, the association hired Steve Price, a 32 year veteran Middle School and High School Georgia Engineering & Technology Education Teacher and TSA Advisor, to assume the role of State Executive Director. Steve has served as Chairman of the GA AIASA and TSA Advisory Council for a total of 14 years and served as chairman for a total of 8 years. Nationally he was president of National TSA in 2005-06 and President of the ITEEA during 2013-14 school year. He has held a position on the National TSA Competitive Events Committee since 1991. In 2015, DOE Program Specialist, Mark Crenshaw left that role to be a System CTAE Director. Filling that position as of February, 2016, was former middle school technology education teacher and later Director of CTAE in Rockdale County, Roger Ivey. He was instrumental in the creation and development of the very successful Rockdale Career Academy. Roger is no stranger to the student association. You will find him on our History Page, on our former state officer list as part of the 1980-81 GA AIASA State Officer team as State Treasurer, from Newton County HS.

Over the course of time since the National Association was chartered in 1978, GA TSA has produced 12 elected National Officers. See complete officer team/national officer list http://gatsa.org/about/documents/past-officers.pdf In 2016, the first ever National President from Georgia was elected, Jack Crawford of Lowndes High School served during the 16-17 school year.

In 2018 Georgia TSA will host the 40th Annual National TSA Conference in Atlanta.

GA TSA continues to inspire Leadership, Service and Pride while plotting our course into the next 50 years.

Board of Directors

Steve Price
Executive Director

Georgia TSA

Roger Ivey
Program Specialist

GA Department of Education

Cammie Lund

Lowndes HS

Rob Bell
President Elect

Sandy Creek HS

Casey Martin
Past President

Effingham College and Career Academy

Kameron Pence

Collins Hill HS

David Pridgen

Irwin County HS

Nora Swanson
Corporate Member

Southern Company

John Crawford
Corporate Member

Valdosta State University

David Hanks
Corporate Member

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Jess Bush
Board Member

Swainsboro HS

Camelia Calvert
Board Member

Shiloh HS

Rob Garber
Board Member

Ben Hill MS

Ezra Thompson
Board Member

Arabia Mountain HS

Travis Hodges
Board Member

South Forsyth HS

Sandra Johnson
Board Member

Burke County HS

Steve Wells
Board Member

Chattanooga Valley MS

Angela Quarles
Board Member

Pickens HS

Bubba Gibbs
Board Member

Fannin County HS

Steven Griffing
Board Member

Sims Academy of Innovation & Technology

Scott Petty
Board Member

Trion HS

Mbonya Myers
Board Member

Rothchild Leadership Academy

Aaron Parker
Board Member

Ebenezer MS

2017 - 2018 State Officer Team

Alexander King
GW Carver HS
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First Vice President
Nimra Khan
Shiloh HS
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Second Vice President
Sarah Lewallyn
Peachtree Charter MS
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Gregory Carroll
Woodstock HS
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Tate Green
Lowndes HS
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Arik Allen
Harris County HS
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Benjamin Shifrin
Dunwoody HS
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Prior State Officers and National Officers from Georgia TSA

Click here to view our past state officers, as well as national officers elected from Georgia. Please contact Steve Price if your name is not on the list.

Wall of Fame

Awards and Recognitions

Past Presidents

GA TSA Officer History
  • Benji Thompson - 1983 - 84
  • Susan Stoll - 1984 - 85
  • Patrick Couch - 1985 - 86
  • Tia Whaley - 1986 - 87
  • Julie Scoggins - 1987 - 88
  • Curtis Brookshire - 1988 - 89
  • Julie Scoggins - 1989 - 90
  • Rodney Martin - 1990 - 91
  • Cindy Williamson - 1991 - 92
  • Tasha Fields - 1992 - 93
  • Scott Watkins - 1993 - 94
  • Christina Danchetz - 1994 - 95
  • Josh Stallings - 1995 - 96
  • Terri Rutherford - 1996 - 97
  • elanie Coleman - 1997 - 98
  • Alison Ashley - 1998 - 99
  • Kane Keeling - 1999 - 00
  • Chris Meeks - 2000 - 01
  • Belinda Foskey - 2001 - 02
  • G. W. Yaughn - 2002 - 03
  • George Ray - 2003 - 05
  • Mary Catherine Farrell - 2005 - 06
  • Stanley Wyre - 2006 - 07
  • Andriana Joseph - 2007 - 08
  • Devon Hopper - 2008 - 09
  • Raven Hathcock - 2009 - 10
  • Austin Vest 2010-11
  • Andrew White 2011-12
  • Leigh Ann Hamlin 2012-13
  • Cynthia McIntire 2013-14
  • Jack Crawford 2014-15
  • Trevor Terry 2015-16

Biographical Info – R. Steven Price, M.Ed., DTE

Steve Price

Steve Price, a life-long Georgia native, was an award winning classroom teacher with 32 years of combined experience as a junior high school, middle school, high school Industrial Education/ Technology Education, Engineering and Technology Education Instructor and TSA chapter advisor. Serving in leadership roles in his schools, in the state through curriculum writing as well as professional associations and student organization and on the national level, he has advocated Career & Technical Education legislatively in Georgia and nationally. Price was the first classroom teacher to be elected President of the Technology Student Association Board of Directors. During that time TSA hosted the first Robotics Symposium which eventually led to the relationship between VEX and TSA. In his final year in the classroom, he was elected President-Elect of the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association. He left the classroom to take over as GA TSA’s Executive Director in the summer of 2012.

For more detailed information on Steve's career, click here.

Alumni, Volunteer & Sponsor of Year Recipients

Georgia TSA recognizes each year the support and leadership of individuals that have continuously given to our organization over a period of time. Through their work as alumni, volunteers, or sponsors they have helped to enhance and further our cause of providing our members with quality educational programs. We appreciate your support and look forward to a lasting partnership.






Julie Scoggins

Chris Roan

Learning Labs, Inc.


Kevin Keve

Scott Taylor

Pitsco, Inc.


Tommy Crane

Dianne Strickland

Academic, LC


Antrone Brewer

Brenda Foskey



Pam Brown

Tommy Pitchford

L.J. Technical Systems


Tonya Isabell

Mel Coker/
Traci Smith

Holmquist Educational Consultants /
Midwest Technology Products & Services


Belinda Foskey &
Aaron Perry

George King



Jake Foster

Kent Arp



Justin Hall

John Jack

LJ Technical Systems


Chris Meeks

Brett Buffington

Learning Labs, Inc.


George Ray

Dwayne Hobbs

Art Institute of Atlanta


Sidney Bryant

Julie Cook

Savannah College of Art and Design


Ashlee Hatcher

Retta Gavin

Learning Labs, Inc.


Matt Ralston & Mara Usry

Julie Sonnenberg- Klein

Rick Foleo Robotics Education Foundation


Savannah Shelton

Jessica Howell


Blaire Booth

Jeff Rosen & CEISMIC
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mardy Hendon

The Georgia Engineering & Technology Educators Association


Sam Slater &
Ryan Macdonald

Mr. Terry Cotton Sr. and Ms. Alethea Mack

Valdosta State University


Kelah Hendon,
Plamen Marinov &
Meg Garber

Mrs. Kathlena ( Kathy) Flowers

US Army


Greg Foster

Brad Crawford - Ola HS

AT&T Home Solutions


Kush Bhatia &
Connor Hudgins

David Hanks - Author and Nucler Regulatory Commission

The GM Foundation

Administrative Support Recognition

TSA has become an important part of each member's education and experience in school. The support needed for TSA to survive and thrive goes beyond our chapter, to the entire school. Administrator's support our programs by ensuring technology and engineering education classes are offered, allowing us to attend these conferences, and encouraging our members to get involved and do their best in competition.

We appreciate the support of the Administrative for taking an active roll in TSA.

  • 2011 Lynn Wilson, Lowndes County CTAE Administrator
  • 2012 Mark Sutton, Ben Hill County CTAE Administrator
  • 2013 Roger Ivey, Rockdale Career Academy CTAE Administrator
  • 2014 Dr. Pamela Pitts, Principal of Morrow High School
  • 2015:
    • Kevin Gaines, Principal, Hart County High School
    • Dr. Leslie Clark, CTAE Director, Burke County Schools
    • Kerensa Wing, Principal, Collins Hill High School
    • Dr. Elena Ponder, Principal, Brooks County High School
    • Brian Hicks, Principal, Monroe Area High School
  • 2016:
    • Tim Schmitt, Newton County
    • Jody Reeves - Gwinnett County
  • 2017:
    • Sheree Tovey, Regional CTAE Supervisor, Muscogee County School District
    • Jody Reeves, Executive Director, Academies and Career &Technical Education - Gwinnett County Public Schools

Tommy Pitchford & Jim Coffey Inspirational Teacher Award

In 1982, Dr. Harvey Dean, President of PITSCO, Inc. began a recognition program that honored middle and high school teachers. The Jim Coffey Inspirational Teacher Award, honored Mr. Coffey for the positive and lasting influence, which he had on Mr. Dean and many of his other students. Then in 2002, Georgia TSA lost a dear friend, Mr. Tommy Pitchford whom was also inspirational in the life of Dr. Dean and his family. In 2003, Dr. Dean requested that the Jim Coffey award be renamed as the Tommy Pitchford Inspirational Teacher Award to honor the memory of Thomas Pitchford. Mr. Pitchford was vital in creating the good natured, team spirited atmosphere of Georgia TSA. We truly miss his ability to bring out the best in those around him; however his desire to encourage students to achieve their best lives on in the Tommy Pitchford Inspirational Teacher Award and Scholarship Fund. May his memory continue to inspire and lead us to greater achievements.


Dwayne Hobbs: Jr. High


David Bryson, Middle


Jack James: Sr. High


Kelly Jean Fede, High


Steve Price: Jr. High


Ken Mitchell, Middle


Ken Mitchell: Sr. High


Jeff Wyrick, High


Tommy Pitchford: Jr. High


Curt Johnson, Middle


C.L. Daughtry: Sr. High


Steve Price, High


Charles Caldwell: Jr. High


Christie Schmitt, Middle


Wallace Hester: Sr. High


Terry Cotton, High


Reid Poole: Jr. High


Tonya Isabell, Scholarship


Danny Webb: Sr. High


David Phillips, Middle


Walter Nix: Jr. High


Danny Webb, High


Al Money: Sr. High


Blaire Thrasher, Scholarship


David Phillips: Jr. High


Greg Terry, Middle


Michael Scoggins: Sr. High


Tim Schmitt and Christie Schmitt, High


Danny Webb: Jr. High


Aaron Feldser, Scholarship


Walter Nix: Sr. High


Carol Burke, Middle


Kirk Ware, Middle


John Kirby, High


Dwayne Hobbs: Sr. High


Brice Fogle, Scholarship


Jeff  Wyrick, Middle


Kay Tyson, Middle


Greg Martin: Sr. High


Ricky Walker, High


Tommy Pitchford, Middle


Inga Easterling, Scholarship


Keith Middleton: Sr. High


Roland Williams, Middle


Steve Price, Middle


Mark Crenshaw, High


Todd Vander Velde: Sr. High


Curtis Mathis, Scholarship


Rickey Walker, Middle


Steve Wells, Middle
Michael Goltzer, High
Damon Smith, Scholarship


David Phillips: Sr. High


Rob Garber, Middle
Steve Price, High
Nathan Bates, Scholarship


Tom Volpe, Middle


Heather Elo, Middle
Terry Cotton, High
Jackson Kicklighter, Scholarship


Craig Matthews: Sr. High


Curt Johnson, Middle
Cory Booth, High
Isabella Connor, Scholarhsip


David Phillips, Middle


Garner Dewey, High



Greg Terry, Middle


Scott Brown, High



Denmark Garcia, Middle


Angela Powell, High



Jeff Wyrick, Middle


John Newton, High


National Recognition Awards


Advisor of the Year

Chapter Of Excellence HS

Chapter Of Excellence MS


Greg Shouse

Angela Powell 
Tommy Shrouder

Tom Volpe


Jeff Wyrick

John Newton 
Kelly Jean Fede

David Phillips


John Newton

Scott Brown 
Reginald Wade

Greg Terry


Scott Brown

Mark Flowers
Tim Schmitt

Ken Mitchell


Charles Kachmar

Steve Price 
Dianne Irwin

Curt Johnson


Ken Mitchell
Toombs Co. MS

Michael Griffin 
Toombs Co. HS

Crimora Stanley
Fitzgerald HS

Christie Schmitt
Lovejoy MS


Steve Price
David Phillips

Terry Cotton
Parkview HS

John Kirby
Mt. Zion HS

David Bryson
Fannin Co. MS


Steve Price
Kae Tyson

John Newton
Lowndes HS

Tim & Christie Schmitt 
Lovejoy HS

Ken Mitchell
Toombs Co. MS


Michael Griffin 
Carol Burke

Steve Price 
Riverdale HS

Donna Davis
Irwin Co. HS

Fred Stillwell
East Cobb MS


Greg Terry 
Christie Schmitt

Rodney Ragsdale &
Clint Johnson
Coffee HS

Terry Cotton
Parkview HS

Fred Stillwell
Fannin Co. MS


Terry Cotton
Attallaka Harris-Williams

Crawford County HS &
Monroe Area HS

Franklin County MS


Carolyn Smith
Robert Garber

Dawson County HS &
Lowndes HS

Marshall MS


Gwen Cook

Collins Hill HS &
Hart County HS

Brooks County MS


Cory Booth &
Curt Johnson

Monroe Area HS &
Parkview HS

Hahira MS


Barry Gillespie &
Blaire Booth

Collins Hill High School

East Coweta MS


Terry Cotton &
Greg Terry

Parkview HS

Harris County Carver MS


Jess Bush &
Kathy Hall

South Forsyth HS
Gwinnett School of MST

Rothchild Leadership Academy


John Newton &
Kelley Gaines

Lowndes HS

Hart County MS

Additional Awards


  • Verizon App Challenge Best in Nation - Johns Creek HS
  • TEAMS National Runner-up - Woodstock HS
  • National President - Jack Crawford

TSA Handbook



Web Links

GA TSA Resources

New GA TSA Inc. Corporate Bylaws

To align Georgia TSA Inc. with state laws and mandates relating to corporations, The Board of Directors have approved the New GA TSA Inc. Corporate Bylaws that will work along side of the GA TSA Student Association Bylaws.

Acceptance of the new Corporate Bylaws will be voted on during the Business Session during the State Leadership Conference.

Please read through these bylaws prior to the state conference business meeting. These bylaws do not replace the Student Association Bylaws, instead they are designed to work in concert with the existing student association bylaws.