Wall of Fame

Every year Georgia TSA and the National TSA give out various awards to chapters, chapter members, sponsors, volunteers and more. To recognize our recipients, all of our award winners are listed below:

  • Alumni, Volunteer
    & Sponsor of the
    Year Award

    Alumni, Volunteer & Sponsor of the Year Award

    Georgia TSA recognizes each year the support and leadership of individuals that have continuously given to our organization over a period of time. Through their work as alumni, volunteers, or sponsors they have helped to enhance and further our cause of providing our members with quality educational programs. We appreciate your support and look forward to a lasting partnership.

    Year Alumni Volunteer Sponsor
    2020 Alexis Gutierrez
    & Angel Tran & Blaire Meldrum
    Paul Markert
    & Larry Moraniec
    & Karen Robertson
    & Deborah Sudderth
    2019 Tia Bolden
    & Trevor Terry
    Mr. Michael Griffin
    & Mrs. Elaine Glenn
    & Mr. Ron Barker
    Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher
    2018 Garrett Pelt Mr. Paul Raines, Dragster Event Judge for many years Scottie Redmond, Redmond Machinery
    2017 Kush Bhatia & Connor Hudgins David Hanks - Author and Nucler Regulatory Commission The GM Foundation
    2016 Greg Foster Brad Crawford - Ola HS AT&T Home Solutions
    2015 Kelah Hendon, Plamen Marinov & Meg Garber Kathy Flowers The US Army Recruiting Battalion, Atlanta
    2014 Sam Slater & Ryan Macdonald Mr. Terry Cotton Sr. & Ms. Alethea Mack Valdosta State University
    2013 Blaire Thrasher Jeff Rosen & Mardy Hendon The Georgia Engineering & Technology Educators Association
    2012 Savannah Shelton Jessica Howell
    2011 Matt Ralston/ Mara Usry Julie Sonnenberg- Klein Rick Foleo Robotics Education Foundation
    2010 Ashlee Hatcher Retta Gavin Learning Labs, Inc.
    2009 Sidney Bryant Julie Cook Savannah College of Art and Design
    2008 George Ray Dwayne Hobbs Art Institute of Atlanta
    2007 Chris Meeks Brett Buffington Learning Labs, Inc.
    2006 Justin Hall John Jack LJ Technical Systems
    2005 Jake Foster Kent Arp KPMG, LLP
    2004 Belinda Foskey & Aaron Perry George King Goodheart-Willcox
    2003 Tonya Isabell Mel Coker & Traci Smith Holmquist Educational Consultants &
    Midwest Technology Products and Services
    2002 Pam Brown Tommy Pitchford L.J. Technical Systems
    2001 Antrone Brewer Brenda Foskey Paxton/Patterson
    2000 Tommy Crane Dianne Strickland Academic, LC
    1999 Kevin Keve Scott Taylor Pitsco, Inc.
    1998 Julie Scoggins Chris Roan Learning Labs, Inc.

  • Administrative
    Support Recognition

    Administrative Support Recognition

    TSA has become an important part of each member's education and experience in school. The support needed for TSA to survive and thrive goes beyond our chapter, to the entire school. Administrator's support our programs by ensuring technology and engineering education classes are offered, allowing us to attend these conferences, and encouraging our members to get involved and do their best in competition.

    We appreciate the support of the Administrative for taking an active roll in TSA.

    Year Admin School System
    2020 Chad Walker
    Bryan Hicks
    David Sims
    Crystal Jordan
    J. Mark Smith
    2019 Dr. Margo Wimbish
    Dr. Rodney Swanson
    Sandy Creek HS, Fayette County Schools
    Arabia Mountain HS - Dekalb County Schools
    2018 Mark Sutton
    Valery Lowe
    CTAE Executive Director - Ben Hill County Schools
    Executive Director,
    Academies and Career & Technical Education
    Forsyth County Schools
    2017 Sheree Tovey

    Jody Reeves
    Regional CTAE Supervisor, Muscogee County School District
    Executive Director,
    Academies and Career & Technical Education
    Gwinnett County Public Schools
    2016 Tim Schmitt
    Jody Reeves
    Newton County
    Gwinnett County
    2015 Kevin Gaines
    Dr. Leslie Clark
    Kerensa Wing
    Dr. Elena Ponder
    Brian Hicks
    Principal, Hart County High School
    CTAE Director, Burke County Schools
    Principal, Collins Hill High School
    Principal, Brooks County High School
    Principal, Monroe Area High School
    2013 Roger Ivey Rockdale Career Academy CTAE Administrator
    2012 Mark Sutton Ben Hill County CTAE Administrator
    2011 Lynn Wilson Lowndes County CTAE Administrator
    2014 Dr. Pamela Pitts Principal of Morrow High School

  • Tommy Pitchford &
    Jim Coffey
    Teacher Award

    Tommy Pitchford & Jim Coffey Inspirational Teacher Award

    In 1982, Dr. Harvey Dean, President of PITSCO, Inc. began a recognition program that honored middle and high school teachers. The Jim Coffey Inspirational Teacher Award, honored Mr. Coffey for the positive and lasting influence, which he had on Mr. Dean and many of his other students. Then in 2002, Georgia TSA lost a dear friend, Mr. Tommy Pitchford whom was also inspirational in the life of Dr. Dean and his family. In 2003, Dr. Dean requested that the Jim Coffey award be renamed as the Tommy Pitchford Inspirational Teacher Award to honor the memory of Thomas Pitchford. Mr. Pitchford was vital in creating the good natured, team spirited atmosphere of Georgia TSA. We truly miss his ability to bring out the best in those around him; however his desire to encourage students to achieve their best lives on in the Tommy Pitchford Inspirational Teacher Award and Scholarship Fund. May his memory continue to inspire and lead us to greater achievements.

    Year MS Teacher HS Teacher Scholarship
    2020 Curt Johsnon Tommy Nguyen John M Gordy
    Adeline Fitts & Samina Patel
    2019 Heather Elo Camelia Calvert Chris Bellflowers
    & Olivia Fountain
    2018 Eric Knapp
    & Nathan Williams
    Jeff Olney Andrew Thomas
    & Benjamin Shifrin
    2017 Christy Craven Travis Hodges Swapnil Lad
    & Clarisse Matyzyk
    2016 Heather Elo John Newton
    & Cammie Lund
    Assim Hirani
    & A.C. Williams
    2015 Kathy Hall Chuck Lockert Tia Bolden
    2014 Greg Terry Jess Bush Thomas Lebsekal
    2013 David Phillips Nick Crowder,
    Jim Chamberlain
    & James O’Connor
    Wesley Newton
    2012 Curt Johnson Cory Booth Isabella Connor,
    2011 Heather Elo Terry Cotton Jackson Kicklighter
    2010 Rob Garber Steve Price Nathan Bates
    2009 Steve Wells Michael Goltzer Damon Smith
    2008 Roland Williams Mark Crenshaw Curtis Mathis
    2007 Kay Tyson John Newton &
    Ricky Walker
    Inga Easterling, Scholarship
    2006 Carol Burke John Kirby Brice Fogle, Scholarship
    2005 Greg Terry Tim Schmitt &
    Christie Schmitt
    Aaron Feldser
    2004 David Phillips Danny Webb Blaire Thrasher
    2003 Christie Schmitt Terry Cotton Tonya Isabell
    2002 Curt Johnson Steve Price, High
    2001 Ken Mitchell Jeff Wyrick
    2000 David Bryson Kelly Jean Fede
    1999 Jeff Wyrick John Newton
    1998 Denmark Garcia Angela Quarles
    1997 Greg Terry Scott Brown
    1996 David Phillips Garner Dewey
    1995 Tom Volpe Craig Matthews
    1994 Rickey Walker David Phillips
    1993 Steve Price Todd Vander Velde
    1992 Tommy Pitchford Keith Middleton
    1991 Jeff Wyrick Greg Martin
    1990 Kirk Ware Dwayne Hobbs
    1989 Danny Webb Walter Nix
    1988 David Phillips Michael Scoggins
    1987 Walter Nix Al Money
    1986 Reid Poole Danny Webb
    1985 Charles Caldwell Wallace Hester
    1984 Tommy Pitchford C.L. Daughtry
    1983 Steve Price Ken Mitchell
    1982 Dwayne Hobbs Jack James

  • National Recognition

    National Recognition Award

    Year Advisor of the Year Chapter of Excellence HS Chapter of Excellence MS
    2020 Tommy Nguyen &
    Curt Johnson
    2019 Camelia Calvert &
    Heather Elo
    2018 Terry Cotton &
    Heather Elo
    Parkview HS Harris Co. Carver MS &
    Tucker MS
    2017 Travis Hodges &
    Greg Terry
    South Forsyth HS Hahira MS & Franklin Co. MS
    2016 John Newton &
    Kelley Gaines
    Lowndes HS Hart County MS
    2015 Jess Bush &
    Kathy Hall
    South Forsyth HS
    Gwinnett School of MST
    Rothchild Leadership Academy
    2014 Terry Cotton &
    Greg Terry
    Parkview HS Harris County Carver MS
    2013 Barry Gillespie &
    Blaire Thrasher
    Collins Hill High School East Coweta MS
    2012 Cory Booth &
    Curt Johnson
    Monroe Area HS &
    Parkview HS
    Hahira MS
    2011 Gwen Cook Collins Hill HS &
    Hart County HS
    Brooks County MS
    2010 Carolyn Smith
    Robert Garber
    Dawson County HS &
    Lowndes HS
    Marshall MS
    2009 Terry Cotton
    Attallaka Harris-Williams
    Crawford County HS &
    Monroe Area HS
    Franklin County MS
    2007 Greg Terry & Christie Schmitt Rodney Ragsdale & Clint Johnson - Coffee HS
    Terry Cotton - Parkview HS
    Fred Stillwell - Fannin Co. MS
    2006 Michael Griffin & Carol Burke Steve Price - Riverdale HS
    Donna Davis - Irwin Co. HS
    Fred Stillwell - East Cobb MS
    2005 Steve Price & Kae Tyson John Newton - Lowndes HS
    Tim & Christie Schmitt - Lovejoy HS
    Ken Mitchell - Toombs Co. MS
    2004 Steve Price & David Phillips Terry Cotton - Parkview HS
    John Kirby - Mt. Zion HS
    David Bryson - Fannin Co. MS
    2003 Ken Mitchell - Toombs Co. MS Michael Griffin - Toombs Co. HS
    Crimora Stanley - Fitzgerald HS
    Christie Schmitt - Lovejoy MS
    2002 Charles Kachmar Steve Price & Dianne Irwin Curt Johnson
    2001 Scott Brown Mark Flowers & Tim Schmitt Ken Mitchell
    2000 John Newton Scott Brown & Reginald Wade Greg Terry
    1999 Jeff Wyrick John Newton & Kelly Jean Fede David Phillips
    1998 Greg Shouse Angela Powell & Tommy Shrouder Tom Volpe

    Additional Awards

    • Verizon App Challenge Best in Nation - Johns Creek HS
    • TEAMS National Runner-up - Woodstock HS
    • National President - Jack Crawford

    • LEAP Legacy Chapter - Pickens High School - 3rd Place
    • LEAP Legacy Chapter - Woodstock High School - 5th Place
    • Inaugural LEAP Legacy Chapter - Lowndes High School

  • GaTSA
    Legacy Award

    GaTSA Legacy Award

    The GATSA Legacy Award recognizes individuals who have served in many roles that have contributed to the betterment, growth and well-being of our association for an extended amount of time . These members of the GATSA family will forever be part of the legacy of this great organization.

    Year Honorees Accolades
    2020 Terry Cotton Multiple State HS Championship Advisor/2 time Inspirational Teacher/GA TSA Board Member/GA TSA State Officers/National TSA Event Coordinator/2 time National Advisor of the Year
    2020 Ron Barker Multiple State HS Championship Advisor/2 time Inspirational Teacher/GA TSA Board Member/GA TSA State Officers/National TSA Event Coordinator/2 time National Advisor of the Year
    2020 Robert Garber Advisor/Multiple GA TSA State Officers and National Officers/GA TSA Board Member/GA TSA Board President/National TSA Event Coordinator/National Advisor of the Year
    2020 Michael Goltzer Multiple State HS Championship Advisor/1 time Inspirational Teacher/GA TSA Board Member/GA TSA State Officers/National TSA Event Coordinator
    2020 Steve Price Multiple State MS & HS Championship Advisor/Multiple National MS National Championships/GA TSA Board Chairman/Multiple GA TSA State Officers/4 time Inspirational Teacher/GA TSA State Advisor/National TSA Event Coordinator/Designed National TSA Logo/3 time National Advisor of the Year/National TSA Board President/National Competitive Events Committee Manager/TSA State Advisor of the Year/38 Consecutive GA TSA State Conferences
    2019 Angela Quarles Member/Advisor/Multiple GA TSA State Officers/Inspirational Teacher/GA TSA Board Member/GA TSA Board Chairperson/National TSA Event Coordinator
    2019 Dewayne Hobbs Member/State President 70-71/Multiple State Championship and National Championship MS Advisor/Multiple GA TSA State Officers/2 time Inspirational Teacher/DOE Division Manager/Attended 50 consecutive GA TSA State Conferences
    2019 Roger Ivy Member/1980 State Treasurer/Advisor/CTAE Administrator/DOE Program Specialist/TSA Corporate Board Member