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Trademark Policies

1. Name

The official name of this organization shall be Technology Student Association. The acronym "TSA" may be used to designate the organization.

2. Emblem

The emblem was adopted by the delegate assembly during the Association's Annual Business Meeting in Winston-Salem, NC June 1989. The term emblem means the same as logo in this document.

3. Protection of Name and Emblem

a. Federal law, grounded in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution, provides protection for all U.S. citizens who register products of their intellect whether it be a patent on an invention, a copyright on a written document or a trademark and/or logo representative of a business, product, or organization. The official emblem and name of the Technology Student Association are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Certificate No. 1,551,468.

b. Protecting the name and emblem of the Technology Student Association is the responsibility of the national organization and its chartered state associations and affiliated local chapters as defined in the bylaws of the Technology Student Association. In order to maintain the identity of the Technology Student Association, as a preeminent education youth organization, the name and emblem must be protected at all levels of operation (national, state and local.) To this end, the Technology Student Association shall:

  1. Permit the use of its name and emblem only in connection with the Technology Student Association programs (TSA chapters) and projects that have a direct relationship to the goals and purposes of the Technology Student Association and in accordance with policies defined in this document.
  2. Preclude the use of its name and emblem by any individual and/or groups in the promotion of unauthorized programs, projects and products.

4. Authorization for Use of Name and Emblem

a. The official name and emblem may be used only by members in good standing of active state delegations or others granted written permission by the TSA executive director to use the name and emblem.

b. The TSA name and emblem may be used on stationery, jewelry, clothing, or other emblematic items by persons meeting the criteria under "AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF NAME AND EMBLEM".

c. The use of the TSA name and marks shall be only such that will reflect dignity and credit on the organization.

d. The use of TSA Name and Marks is otherwise in compliance with these Policies and the TSA Name and Marks are used in such a manner as to impart positive feelings of support for technology education and TSA or to impart a modern view of technology education;

e. Only the national association may authorize the use of the name and emblem on the national level. The policy-making body of a state delegation may authorize use of the name and emblem on the state level in accordance with policies stated in this document. Local chapters of the Technology Student Association may use or approve the use of the organization's name and emblem in keeping with the policies of this document.

f. The use of the TSA name and emblem without meeting the above criteria is in direct violation of the law.

5. Specific Use of the Name and Emblem

a. The TSA emblem is a rectangular shape with three parts. The middle section and largest part of the emblem contains the letters TSA in a very large, bold print. The letters are white on a blue background. Below these letters and about 1/3 the size, is the name of the association-Technology Student Association-in white letters on a red background. The top portion of the emblem is a blank, red, rectangular shape, the same size as the bottom area. This portion is intentionally left blank so that each state can put its own name on the emblem, if desired.

b. The colors of TSA shall be scarlet (red), white, and blue (navy). Scarlet (red) represents the strength and determination of the technology education students and teachers to obtain their goal. White represents high standards, morals, and religious beliefs. Blue (navy) represents the sincerity of the technology education students and teachers in obtaining a greater knowledge of our technological world.

c. When an emblem of the organization is reproduced, it should be an exact replica of the emblem as registered through the collective trademark.

d. To reduce the occurrence of inconsistent color, all printed pieces are to be printed with Pantone Matching System (PMS) ink. The PMS colors are as follows:

  • Navy Blue PMS 286
  • Red PMS 1795

The emblem/logo may appear as all Red, all Blue, all White, or all Black. Likewise, it may appear in gold or silver (metallic), and/or etched in wood or on other surfaces.

The following are not permitted:

  • Substitute other colors for the corporate colors.
  • Alter the design of the corporate logo or official emblem.
  • Alter, add, or delete any part of the name, logo, tagline, motto, or emblem.

The rules for official emblem/logo colors should be observed. If PMS colors or RGB formulas are not available options with certain software, and only present color choices are available, then the nearest approximations to the official logo colors should be used.

e. If animation is employed, the logo may change or evolve during animation, but its final state should be either the one, two, or three-color version of the logo, without any distortion or color change. Third dimension or depth may be added to the logo if it does not greatly distort the logo or change its color.

f. Camera-ready art and instructions are included in TSA's annual membership materials and on its Website

g. For the name, Technology Student Association, the Helvetica or Arial fonts should be used.

6. General Policies

a. The TSA emblem should be given a position of prominence whenever it is used.

b. The TSA emblem always should be used intact without being defaced.

c. The TSA Name and Marks shall not be used or employed in any manner by any group, member or other party as trademarks in connection with commercial enterprises or purposes.

d. Advertisements, public releases, or displays containing any of the TSA Name and Marks in any form shall not include expressed or implied testimonials or endorsements of business firms or individuals, their products or services, either by individual members, local TSA chapters, state associates, state foundations of the National TSA organization.

e. The TSA Name and Marks shall not be used by or associated in any manner with any organization or business when such use or association might reflect unfavorably on the National TSA organization or its members.

f. All uses of the TSA Name and Marks shall be truthful and accurate. TSA Name and Marks shall never be used in a manner that misleads or deceives. For example, any authorized use stating that proceeds from an activity "goes to TSA" shall clearly identify the portion of proceeds that will be provided to TSA.

g. Local chapters, state delegations, and the national association use of the TSA name and marks is encouraged to publicize and promote TSA, especially in the context of:

  • Public information, including, but not limited to, newspapers, TV, Radio, Videos, multimedia works and other forms of publicity relating to TSA and TSA activities and programs;
  • Promotions and publicity events including, but not limited to TSA Fairs, Expositions, or other displays, road signs, member home designations, and parade floats;
  • Educational programs of all types, including career development events and awards designed for educational purposes and including programs where revenue may be generated, but is incidental to the purpose of the activity and does not significantly exceed the cost of the program;
  • Motivational programs of all types, including those where revenue may be generated, but is incidental to the purpose of the activity and does not significantly exceed the cost of the program.

h. Co-branding, which is placing the TSA logo with one or more other logos to generate revenue and increase awareness of TSA, is appropriate if these guidelines (procedures) are followed. Any co-branding program, including the advertising/promotion of a co-branded product, will follow the National TSA organization's related policies in effect at that time.

i. State delegations and local TSA chapters using the name and emblem of the Technology Student Association, should always identify the level of operation by indicating whether national, state, chapter or other. All materials carrying the name and emblem of the Technology Student Association, including letterheads, newsletters, etc. should identify the level of operation originating the material. This does not apply to items made available by the nationally authorized supply service company.

7. Commerce Guidelines

Local chapters, state delegations, state foundations and the national association is hereby authorized (within the meaning of Section 16 of Public Law 81-740) to use the TSA Name and Marks on articles for sale, for the purpose of raising funds to support local, state, or national TSA programs, on the following conditions.,/p>

a. The use of TSA Name and Marks is otherwise in compliance with these Policies;

b. Sales are limited by chapters to their local service area (roughly the area from which members are drawn) and by state associations and foundations to within their state boundary;

c. The products or services sold must: be in good taste, represent a reasonable product or service for TSA as a technology association, provide reasonable value, be of good quality, not subject purchasers or users to risk or harm or loss, and be consistent with TSA's national goals and image;

d. All sales must be made by the local chapter, state delegations or state foundation or its members (as the "retailer"). Chapters, state associations and state foundations are not authorized to grant rights to use the TSA Name and Marks when the product or service will be sold to wholesalers or dealers, who will, in turn, resell that product or service;

e. Nothing in these policies transfers ownership of any of the TSA name and marks to any chapter, state association or state foundation. Ownership of the TSA Name and Marks is retained by the National TSA organization.

f. All TSA officers, members and staff shall be guided by the foregoing principles and the spirit of these policies.

g. Items that are sold through TSA's national supply service company cannot be duplicated by any person, any chapter, or any state delegation for sale or distribution.

h. The TSA name and/or emblem/logo is not available for sale and are the sole property of TSA, Inc.

8. Use of Logos by Vendors/Sponsors

TSA has a number of Trademarks and Service Marks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, DC. These Marks are protected and their use is restricted as follows:

a. Commercial vendors are not permitted to use TSA Trademarks, Service Marks, or Trade names on any merchandise offered for sale or otherwise, unless vendor has been specifically granted a license by the National TSA office. If a vendor wishes to negotiate a contract for a license to use TSA's Trademarks, Service Marks, or Trade names, please submit said request in writing to: TSA Executive Director, 1914 Association Drive, Reston, VA20191-1540. A description of the product/item to be sold and the Trademarks/Service Mark to be used must be submitted with commission petitions.

b. Protected Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade names:

  • Acronym: TSA
  • Logos
  • Service Marks
  • Trade

9. Use of Emblematic Materialsmby Local Chapters and State Associations

TSA members and advisors may use the name, motto, emblem, logo and creed as such:

a. When made by the TSA Supply Service Company

b. When made by themselves for personal or organizational use and according to correct specifications and policies. Local chapters and state associations may use the emblem on materials having public relations value, such as:

  • Stationery, programs, special certificates not offered by the TSA Supply Service Company;
  • Banquet programs, favors;
  • Educational exhibits, television programs, parade floats, displays at fairs;
  • Newspapers, newsletters, yearbooks, chapter websites. Local chapters and state delegations may give permission for reproducing and using the TSA emblem or logo to civic groups and associations who are helping to interpret TSA through noncommercial activities.

These policies are not intended to impede upon the promoting or marketing of the Technology Student Association, but have been developed to provide clarification on how the TSA name and emblem can be used. Questions or concerns on use of the TSA name and emblem should be directed to the TSA executive director. The TSA, Inc. Board of Directors adopted and approved these policies in June 2001.