State Leadership


State Leadership is designed to provide Georgia TSA members and advisors the opportunity to increase their leadership, communication, and team building skills by seminars and general sessions and competing in competitive events. This conference provides over 75 events for middle and high school students to compete in, as well as several GA TSA only events. Students can win trophies, finalist pins and National Conference Travel Scholarships as well as gain critical feedback to prepare their event entries for competition on the national level.

Important COVID Information

We have tried to outwait the pandemic, holding out hope that we could do some version of an in-person SLC for 2021. But, as of this moment, after meeting with the Board Executive Officers and Mr. Ivey, The Classic Center and other stakeholders, we have decided that the 2020-21 SLC conference will be full virtual. GA TSA will convert our plan to that end.

General Information

We will start registration later than usual, but we are also giving chapters more time on all events. Next week once we have the EMS changes made, I will I will alert you when it's open. There will be a fee change. Student registration will now be $50. Each paid registration will receive a conference t-shirt. Registration deadline has been pushed back, as well as ALL Contest entries submissions accepted all the way up to what would have been the Awards Session day of the scheduled conference.

The judging will begin at that point and they will be given between 7 and 10 days to complete judging their entries (we will basically use the pre-conference protocols that we did last year....different from National TSA) There will not be any "Zoom" semifinal interviews. For events that call for a semifinal interview, we will give all contestants one or two general questions that they'd have 2 minutes to address in a video response that would have to be uploaded at the submission date, along with the other submitted artifacts for each event. The video explanations will already be there for semifinal judging when they need to do that round.

Test qualified events that would normally set the stage for an in-person final round...Tech Bowl, Electrical Apps, etc....will be based on the test score, individual or combined test score. . There will be a VEX, VEX IQ, and most likely a FLL virtual tourney, just like we did at FLC.

We will do the business session over a period of a few days probably starting on Monday March 22. Designated voting delegates will have already been advised of where to log in and view the candidate's videoed speeches in advance of voting. We will do like National TSA did this past summer and open voting for registered delegates on that Monday for a specified time frame, for Pres and 2nd VP. If a runoff is needed we will send a conference alert out and do that Tuesday. If no runoffs are needed, we will alert delegates that the voting window will be open Tuesday for a specified time. If a runoff takes place, Pool voting will take place on Wednesday of that week.

The awards and election results will be announced, by a posted video, Wednesday March 31.

Trophies will be shipped directly to each school as well as the T-shirts

Voting delegates will be allotted based on membership as of February 26, 2021. Voting delegates are allotted based on the following guidelines: REGARDLESS of which affiliation program that was used to affiliate the chapter: Red, White or Blue CAPs, Each local chapter is entitled to one delegate for up to 24 state and nationally affiliated members, two delegates for 25 members up to 34, and three delegates for chapters which have 35 or more not to exceed three delegates for any one chapter. Instructions regarding voting are described in the Registration Guide. Specifics will be sent to all Advisors as to how the vote process will work after the close of registration

Chapters will not be permitted to add events or change student names associated to events after the registration deadline closes.

VSLC Modified Schedule

Registration Opens January 17th. Look for my EMS Alert

January 22, 2021 - State Officer Candidate Applications (Completed & Signed)

January 30, 2021 - Candidate Interviews vis virtual conferencing - Candidates will be assigned a time and given an access link

February 1 - Specific themes/topics/problems for events that require them posted on GA TSA Website and emailed to advisors

February 26, 2021 - Midnight - New Registration deadline

March 12, 2021 - Officer Candidate Campaign Videos submission deadline

March 15-19, 2021 - Officer Candidate Videos available for viewing

March 18, 2021 - Subjects sent to registered participants and advisors via EMS email


March 20, 2021 - 1:00pm General Session Broadcast

March 20, 2021 - 1:00pm Event Judging Opens for Judges

March 20, 2021 - 3:00pm (or immediately after General Session) Delegate On-line Voting is open (1st round voting ends at 7pm

March 21, 2021 - 8am-7pm Delegate on-line voting 2nd round. Either runoff from Saturday or Pool Voting

March 22, 2021 - 8am-7pm Delegate voting if needed

March 27, 2021 - Event Judging Ends

March 31, 2021 - Awards Announcement (Tentative) link to presentation will be sent and posted

State Officer Candidates

Georgia TSA encourages qualified, experienced members to run for state office. Information regarding the responsibilities and commitments required of a state officer are found on the GA TSA Website. Officer Candidate Preliminary Interviews will be held virtually based on scheduled virtual appointments. Candidates will be told how and when to log in for their interview. Selected Candidates will produce a Campaign Speech Video that will be submitted via the EMS and will be viewed by delegates during the week leading to the March 20th first round of voting after the general session.
State Officer Candidate Application

General Session Webcasts

There will only be one General Session for the 2021 SLC. It will be held at 1:00pm Saturday March 20th.

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