Technology Day


So now that the Georgia National Fair has been cancelled, what does that mean for Tech Day that was scheduled on October 12th? This year we will not be holding our traditional Tech Day; however, Georgia TSA will be sponsoring an exciting time of virtual competitions: Tech Days 2020. Tech Days 2020 will consist of 12 competitions. Each of these competitive events will be able to be completed virtually. Some of the events are limited to one per chapter, while chapters may enter up to three in some of the events. Each event will have MS and HS winners. In addition GA TSA will award the top two chapters, based on accumulated scores from entered events, cash awards for Superior and Reserve Superior Chapters ON BOTH LEVELS! Guidelines for the events will be released on Saturday, September 12 and there will be exactly four weeks of Tech Days to complete these projects. All projects must be submitted through EMS by 11:59PM on Monday, October 12th. Winners will be recognized during a virtual award ceremony following the judges week. Date, time will be announced. Be sure to check the website for the guidelines for the Tech Days 2020 competitions on September 12th!



Deadline: Oct 2, 2020

Registration fee has changed as well. Instead of the normal "per person" registration fee, Schools will pay $10 per event registered to be entered. If you enter 3 events, whether it is from three separate events or all three in the same contest, your registration fee is $30. 10 entries means $100. There are no refunds for dropped events.

High School Middle School
Georgia TSA Pin Design Georgia TSA Pin Design
Architectural Design Architectural Design
Computer Aided Drafting Computer Aided Drafting
Microcontroller Microcontroller
Program Promotion Brochure Program Promotion Brochure
Rube Goldberg Machine Rube Goldberg Machine
Safety Poster Safety Poster
Space Colony Design Space Colony Design
T-Shirt Design T-Shirt Design
TSA Elevator Speech TSA Elevator Speech
TSA Promotional Video TSA Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Created by Harris County HS